Lesson 1: On Plagiarism


The Comics strip features the famous Calvin and Hobbes, created by Bill Watterson. Calvin is presenting his writing assignment to his pet tiger Hobbes. Calvin is so proud that he is saying that he used to hate writing essays but he now likes it because of according to him he already know the secrets of writing. However when he told Hobbes the title of his essay, Hobbes knew that it was not the boy's work.

No doubt, a boy like Calvin can not write a essay with such difficult topic so who was it then? It might be an essay he copied in the Internet or may be he hired an essay writing service to write it for him.

There are tons of writing service found in the internet but hiring one means that you are cheating and this act is nottolerated in any school wether in grade school, high school and college. When a professor find out that you just plagiarized or bought your work, there is a huge chance that he will fail your paper or worst, your final  grade. The writing services in the internet are not also advised because most of it are scam services that might only get your credit card number and extract a lot of money from you their papers are also over-priced.

The first step in becoming better in writing your essays and any other writing assignment is to start believing in your self. You should know that you can write what you need to write and you will do all your best to finish it on your own.

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